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Loan and Advances
Rate of Interest
Effective From 01-11-2015


ParticularsRate of Interest
Against Govt.Securities (NSC/KVP/LIC Policy/Relief Bond)11.00%
Gold Loan (Maximum One Year)-up to Rs. 1/- Lacs13.50%
Consumer Durables (Household Goods)12.00%
Self employed/Service Enterprises/Professionals12.00%
Demat Shares(up to Rs.10/-lacs)12.00%
Mortgage Loan / Secured Cash Credit / Overdraft12.75%
Loan / Overdraft to Builders / Contractors againsts Real Estate15.00%
Loan / Overdraft / against own deposit 1% more then Deposit rate.1.00%
Loan / Overdraft / against Third party deposit 2% more then Deposit rate.2.00%

Trade & Industry for Working Capital
Working Capital Advances
 (1) Limit Less than Rs.25/- Lacs13.00%
 (2) Limit Rs 25/- Lacs & Above
     (intrest will be charged at 13.00% and rebate if satisfying following parameters will be given at quarter end)
    (a)Minimum 75% collateral & above 85% utilization
     (b)Minimum 75% collateral & less than 85% but up to 75% utilization11.50%
     (c)Minimum 75% collateral & less than 75% but up to 65% utilization12.00%
     (d)Minimum 75% collateral & less than 65% but up to 55% utilization12.50%

Bills Discounting under LC of prime bank (up to 90 days) 10.25%
Clean Cash Credit / Overdraft (up to Rs.5/- lacs) 14.00%
Cheque Purchase / Discount / Clean Bills /D.A. Bills Purchase / Discount 14.00%
Co-acceptance / D.A.Bills / Trust Receipt14.00%
Hypothecation of Plant and Machinery(Term Loan)12.00%
Mortgage of Office / Factory / Godown (Term Loan)12.00%
Term Loan (other Fixtures) 14.00%
Temporary Loan / Overdraft / Cash Credit15.00%
Excess over sanctioned limit15.00%
Drawing against uncleared effect (Clearing)15.00%
AMCO Jan Kalyan term Loan/Limit13.50%
AMCO Trade Finance Scheme (Min.100% collateral Security & 60% utilization)11.50%

Note :
(1)Interest Rates and processing charges will be effective on all working Capital Limits sanctioned or renewed or disbured after 15.09.2014 for the limits sanctioned before 15.09.2014 and disbured on after 15.09.2014 the borrower shall have to pay additional proposal processing charge to avail of the benifit of new rate of interest. In case of term loans sanctioned and disbursed on or after 15.09.2014, new ROI will be applicable.

Processing Chages : For New and renewal cases, and all adhoc and temporary limits.
for advances up to Rs.5/- lacsRs. 500/-
Above Rs.5/- lacs to Rs.25/- lacsRs. 1000/-
Above Rs.25/- lacs to Rs.100/- lacs0.50% of the Loan
Above Rs.100/- lacs Rs.50,000/- plus 0.20% of additional limit
Sanctioned above Rs.1 crore
Maximum Rs 3/- Lacs
*For Renewals the charges will be 50% of charge prescribed above
*Service Tax on above charges should be removed without fail.
*Take over rebate of 1% on advances being taken over from other banks will be countinued as per circular no.13-2014.15 dated 07-06-2014.