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Loan and Advances
Rate of Interest
Effective From 05-04-2014


ParticularsRate of Interest
Against Govt.Securities (NSC/KVP/LIC Policy/Relief Bond)11.50%
Gold Loan (Maximum One Year)-up to Rs. 1/- Lacs13.50%
Consumer Durables (Household Goods)12.50%
Self employed/Service Enterprises/Professionals12.50%
Demat Shares(up to Rs.10/-lacs)13.50%
Mortgage Loan / Secured Cash Credit / Overdraft14.50%
Loan / Overdraft to Builders / Contractors againsts Real Estate15.50%
Loan / Overdraft / against own deposit 1% more then    Deposit rate.1.00%
Loan / Overdraft / against Third party deposit 2% more then Deposit rate.2.00%
Working Capital Advances for Rs.5/- Crore and Above with 100% Collateral Security 70% utilization
Working Capital Limit atlest of 1/- Crore upto 5/- Crore with 100% Collateral Security 70% utilization
Working Capital Limit atlest of Rs.25/-lacs upto 1/- Crore with 100% Collateral Security 70% utilization
Working Capital Limit less than Rs.25/-lacs 13.50%
Bills Discounting under LC of prime bank (up to 90 days) 11.00%
Clean Cash Credit / Overdraft (up to Rs.5/- lacs) 14.50%
Cheque Purchase / Discount / Clean Bills /D.A. Bills Purchase / Discount 14.50%
Co-acceptance / D.A.Bills / Trust Receipt14.50%
Hypothecation / pledge of Stock /Book Debts13.50%
Composite Loan / Cash Credit13.50%
OVerdraft against Mortgage (Secured O.D.)14.50%
Hypothecation of Plant and Machinery(Term Loan)13.00%
Mortgage of Office / Factory / Godown(Term Loan)13.00%
Term Loan (other Fixtures) 14.50%
Temporary Loan / Overdraft / Cash Credit (Up to Rs.10/-lacs over and above reqular limit)15.50%
Excess over sanctioned limit15.50%
Drawing against uncleared effect (Clearing)15.50%

Note :
(1)Interest Rates will be effective on all working Capital Limits from 05.04.2014 and in case of term loans only on new sanctions on after 05.04.2014

Processing Chages : For New and renewal cases, and all adhoc and temporary limits.
for advances up to Rs.5/- lacsRs. 500/-
Above Rs.5/- lacs to Rs.25/- lacsRs. 1000/-
Above Rs.25/- lacs to Rs.50/- lacsRs. 2500/-
Above Rs.50/- lacs to Rs.100/- lacsRs. 5000/-
Above Rs.100/- lacs to Rs.1000/- lacs0.05 % of Loan
Above Rs.1000/- lacs 0.01 % of Loan

Take over rebate of 1% on advances being taken over from other banks will be continued to be given over & above normal rebate for the first year and at the end of the first year if advance taken over is backed by 100% collateral and subject to 70% minimum (not 60%) monthly utilization.
In other cases, subject to 100% collateral & minimum 70% average monthly utilisation advance will be eligible for 1% rebate